The challenge is to share something about the sea. I was not on the ocean this year, but at the lake Vänern it feels like the sea. When I think of the sea I remember with great joy and nostalgia, especially now since the autumn has come to the middle part of Sweden. I really like Autumn but I don´t like the dark,  which comes in the October and lasts until  about  April next year.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea


The beginning of summer

Finally, the camera is repaired 🙂 In the meantime, I used an old camera Canon PowerShot. The city is packed with tourists and, of course, on the way to Norway stop by most of the lake Vänern. Today, Sweden is celebrating the beginning of summer. We all hope that there will be no rain, but the early evening and predict thunder and rain. Photos are not of good quality but I think they are interesting.