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Andy’s performance in Belgrade

Nice 🙂
From  07 to 15 May exhibition of photographs Andy Townend en-titled “Belgradestreets”.  Official opening of the exhibition was the seventh May 2013 years in Belgrade.

Congratulations Andy!


Something, quite certainly, is soon here

Because it takes a lot of time I do not take part in discussions on other blogs but I follow interesting blogs. For the same I have not accepted any weekly photo challenge.
I want to thank all you who read my blog and that at once leave a comment  🙂
The trees in my area are not leaved but the sun and spring is here, somewhere around the corner.


Something quite certainly

Something so unreal has reversed all
somewhat unpredictable, as necessary

Something completely confident, hidden in the fog
clean and unique
all that we have

Something so unreal has reversed the thing
somewhat unpredictable
anything necessary

And so brilliantly shines from a distance (x4)

Something completely confident, hidden in the fog
clean and unique
has reverse the thing

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Snow … again

Yesterday was the first rained and then it started snowing. Again, everything is covered with snow and the sky is gray … gray … all the way to the horizon …
Tonight, from the balcony:

These 6 months of gray, dark and cold are the real trigger for fibromyalgia and everything that goes with it …I definitely not feel good.

One beautiful song from Djordje Balasevic (subtitled in English):