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Outside and inside


Götheborg is a sailing replica of an 18th-century Swedish East Indiaman and the world’s largest operational wooden sailing vessel. Ship sank off Gothenburg, Sweden, on 12 September 1745. Construction of the replica started in 1995 and tested in 2005.

There were so many people on the boat’s arrival and it was difficult to take pictures because everyone wants to photograph. It was a pity that the boat did not come with latching sailcloth.

About the boat’s history can read here : The Swedish East India Company

I like almost all the photo which I took and can not decide if I should convert them to black and white or put on some old paint. All photo made with Lightroom 3.6.

Original Photos:





“Old” photo:

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Converted to black and white:

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Swedish Ship Götheborg (Swedish East India Company)