I actually do not like winter, the cold and the darkness that comes in the winter, but this year I discovered a new interest: ice. I`m fascinated how the colors and light reflecting through the ice.

This photo was taken today on Lake Vänern in Sweden. It was a real cold day with minus 17 degrees when we were out on the lake.

This weeks http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/01/18/weekly-photo-challenge-beyond/ and beyond the winter and darkness is visible light.

Ice and Light

Ice and Light


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond


From morning to afternoon

Another sunny and cold day.
Because in Sweden in the winter there is very little light every time we use to go out into nature. Of course, I took the camera. I was hoping for some nice pictures but very few of the photos was good. Namely, that is cold blue light plus the it snows. For me, an amateur, these are difficult conditions for photographing. Besides the automatic setting on the camera I use very rarely. I love to experiment  🙂