I was born in the former Yugoslavia and grew up in Belgrade ( Serbia). I´m  a resident of Sweden from 1989.

It´s saids : ” Good pictures will arouse emotions and has a history ” and ” excellent photo has a story” .
I do not really think that each image is ” tell a story ”, but I think it has to evoke reaction from the viewer. The reaction can be  joy in beauty, interest in something to learn, sadness , fear, anger , humor, pride , etc, etc. If an image does not evoke some sort of reaction from me, it’s not a good photo (for me) can be a good photo for you.
Photography is extremely subjective to opinion. For me, the concept of ” telling a story ” is quite simple: It ‘s the question that needs to be answered when I should (or someone else might ) ask when I set up the shot : ” Why are you taking this photograph ”.  So, bird or flower : Am I taking this photograph to show the beauty of the color or pattern of the birds etc? I do it to show the beauty and power of the bird ? I do it to document parts of their behavior ?  What is it I want to tell ? So the ”story ” is set in what I want people (including myself ) to see the picture.
And , people like to cite Anselm Adams. Among the other things said, and ”I hope my work will encourage self expression in others and stimulate the search for beauty and creative excitement in the great world around us. ”

I’ve been thinking about writing blog in the Swedish language or my native Serbian, but because WordPress is international, I decided to write in English. Then I learned the Swedish language and stopped using the English language, I forgot a large part of the English language.My argument to write in English is: it’s not so important that I write a little weird in English, people will still understand. Actually, I am now poor in all three languages. So, sorry for my poor English. It was really difficult to write as long text  🙂

I think the photo is a universal language that needs no translation.

So, what is the meaning of my blog ? Well, I enjoy photography and wish that you also enjoy having what I see and document (sometimes experiment ) . If you like my work , click on the ”like” .

Thank you for visiting my blog.

About me

About me