Whether I´m not in a good mood or that he miow too much, it´s really warms my heart to then he is near me.  Simply could not resist him.




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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

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  2. Beautiful cat! I have two and they definitely chose me – when we went to the rescue shelter our black cat Max (then just a tiny kitten) climbed right inside my coat and wouldn’t come out. There was no way I wasn’t going to keep him after that, so sweet! 🐱❤️

  3. He is beautiful! I love cats, but never had one myself. I wonder if it’s the “animals who choose us”, and not “we, them”. What do you think? Anyway, he looks so kind, and very wise.

    • Gunilla, Me neither had the cat (or dog) but as Ihave become older, I want a pet. With the dog must I go out regularly and I can not guarantee I can. So, it was a cat. I do not regret one moment.
      He certainly chose os because when we were at breeders, he ran after us. He is not a cat that wants to be in the bosom or the bed but most of his waking hours, he wants to be cuddled on his stomach and is very talkative.

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