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Nothing more than that snow for January and February


7 thoughts on “Nothing more than that snow for January and February

  1. For this challenge – I am inviting you, Srdjana!

    The rules are simple:

    1) post a black & white photo daily for 5 days

    2) Invite someone different to participate each day. (because no one wants to play alone!)

    For Day 5, I am happy to invite Srdjana at She is an excellent photographer and it would be great to see her in this 5 days B&W.

    No strings attached if you don’t feel up to it.

    • I told you, Sylvia that it is not dangerous with the snow and cold. It’s worse with dark! I can’t stand the darkness for several months and not feeling particularly well. If I were younger I would certainly move away from here. Now it’s too late.
      Before on approximately 10 years ago, I thought me to float to Australia but changed my mind. I can tell you that it’s colder in Melbourne at + 10C than in Karlstad at -5C.
      Right now is not at all funny because it’s snowing and it’s dark 😦

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