A few days ago I bought a new cell phone Son Xperia Z3 C. I still teach me how to use the camera. Taking pictures with your mobile phone does not cause attract attention. Whatever that the image quality is worse than those taken with a “real” camera, I will increasingly use cell phone camera. For example, yesterday we took a cup of coffee and no one was even aware that I photographed.

DSC_0059~2 DSC_0061-3 DSC_0064-2 DSC_0065

Black & White, Cellphone photos, Photograpy

New Cell Phone


2 thoughts on “New Cell Phone

    • Excuse me but I do not understand what do you mean by your comment on my photo taken with a mobile phone?
      Myself are satisfied with my first photo taken with a mobile phone.
      If it is the best mobile phones camera remains to be seen. In any case my photo taken with my Sony A-35 is better than photo taken with mobile.
      Thanks for your comment.

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