Nothing fun last few weeks. My computer has crashed and is in repair (using the old laptop). With the crash, I lost all my documents and photos on the last 6 months. I thought today I do backup, and so I thought and thought, but I did nothing. Since I format the memory card, I have no photo on the memory card either, just the few that I post today.  And that’s not all. The rest, I have no wish to talk about. OK life goes on  🙂
We were heading to the lake. It was a long time ago that we were there no matter that it’s only 10 kim there. Only thing I liked to take photos at the tourists who usually take a break at the lake. We had fun because we photographed each other but I did not come to be photographed with them.
It’s raining and raining … rain never ending. Maybe we get sun tomorrow?

Black & White, Photograpy



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