6 thoughts on “Paper bag

    • Yes it’s them 🙂
      I have less time than before and do not have time to take photos but do not regret that we got the kitten. He shall, as a kitten, don`t stay home alone for more than 4 hours.
      Thank you very much Sylvia for visit and kind comments 🙂

  1. This series of cat pictures are just adorable. I always had a cat when growing up and know and recognize every move they make – this is so great! Thank you for sharing and making me relive things of joy from my childhood.

    • Thank you very much Ann-Christine 🙂
      I love photographing him because he’s cute and so lively but not always have time to take out the camera. I never had animals at home, except when we were little. A short time we had a Schefer. And, we imagined that the kitten will not sleep in the bedroom, but he sleeps in there anyway 🙂 🙂 🙂

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