The Swedish very pleasant evening with a temperature of about 20 degrees (about 19 ​​o’clock) and the sun is slightly shifted to the west.
Instead of watching and listening evening news, which does not speak about anything else until about unpalatable event that take place in Sweden and around the world, I took my camera and went in search of flowers.
While I was trying to record linden flower that swaying on the breeze comes woman with two sweet dogs. Whether that Swedes have difficulty making contact with strangers, it’s easy to start conversation if it is about dogs and the weather. The woman offered to hold the branch which sways so I could to record flower. And so began a conversation about dogs. Long wish a dog (or cat) but considering my allergies it is mission impossible. The Dogs just waiting to show what they can with the frisbee  🙂  I succeeded to get pictures.

This Day looks like a real fall day, gray clouds, rain and temperatures around 15 degrees.
I have enjoyed and I hope that you will you enjoy these photos.


Two cute puppies with a frisbee


4 thoughts on “Two cute puppies with a frisbee

    • Thank you 🙂
      Yes, it was fun and nice time with her ​​and the dogs … and very relaxing.
      Hehehe, at first I did not understand when the dog just looked up at me and scolded, scolded … in the end I realized that he wants me to throw it away frisbi and the woman said, until the end took what he wants 🙂 🙂 🙂
      But, if I look at the dog, it can see clearly what he wants, but I was busy taking photo 🙂

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