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Beside water


7 thoughts on “Beside water

    • I began to experiment with black and white photographs. Personally, I think that nature photography should be in color. The last photo I took yesterday at the lake, chains and water it seemed interesting.
      Thanks 🙂

  1. I like the way your blog is set up. Ryu once before, then reverted, but I might try it again. It appears that using a custom background is suppressing the colored backgrounds, which occasionally, were too strong for me.

    • Thanks Ron.
      I had the white background and did not like because it was too strong, then I experimented and did not find it what I liked.
      I do not like when the colors change according to color of photography and uses only gallery.
      Yes, my background instead of original colors. You can find these free wallpapers online or do them in PS or another program.
      And the circular Gravavtar I moved up to the widgets.

      • In the last hour I figured out the gallery trick. Right now I am using that format only when the color is too lurid for me. Also, I set up the gravitar like yours. Some of my portrait posts are in standard format and I have changed the default background from white to medium gray.

        With the inspiration I got from your blog, Ryu is looking much better now. I see it catching on with the photographers on

      • Will go to your blog and see in a moment.
        I recommend the size of the photo 1272 x 845 (the maximum possible).
        I think the background should not stick up a photo blog. I have tried with the black background, but if you change to black and has black letter text is not visible on the older posts.
        I like Ryu because it is simple.

      • Now with the gray background appears better but I prefer the darker bakgurnder as photo shows much beter with black background.

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