I really love to photograph nature and especially macro but, unfortunately, still I have no macro lens. I am more and more in love b & w photography but do not think that b & w can conjure up all the beauty of nature. I think the rock,  mountain ranges, fits in b & w but not flowers, forest and lakes, which I photograph the most. Since I travel not at all today I photograph what I see around me.  Since my DSLR camera I brought (and almost always have a camera with you) these photos I made my old Canon PowerShot SX210 IS on the way to the local shops in our neighborhood.  And, in the theme  Ryu, when such format specifies  “image”,  background changes color according to the color that predominates in the first photo. So far I have not tried it. Perhaps be interesting….

IMG_0005-2 IMG_0002-3 IMG_0007-2 IMG_0014-2 IMG_0021-2 IMG_0023-2 IMG_0028-3

I photographed in the middle of the day so the sun was not at all suitable for the recording of this little dog but I could not resist not to take pictures. All in all it was still two seconds 🙂



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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just love your photos – the sharpnesss and clarity is something I aspire too – but not there yet! I love to photo nature too! I will look forward to seeing more flowers. Coral

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