In a culture includes many things and because I belong to two cultures and live in Sweden, I thought myself what is it that is typical Swedish culture? In culture it also counts such we practice, as traditions, ceremonies, festivals and rituals, literature, art … it’s a long list. Which photo do I post and it will show a part of Swedish culture?  Many people in Sweden have a boat and that as soon as the sun comes up it’s a lot of boats out on the lake. So, sailing is part of the Swedish culture. Before a few days ago I photographed a mooring ring on a rock out on the lake. If you want to sail do should you have a boat. If you have a boat you have to tie it and to keep it tied up there has to be  mooring ring. So, a mooring ring is part of the culture  🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

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  2. Stunning capture of the Mooring ring. I would love to see more Swedish culture, traditions and events. I think every culture has something unique and beautiful to share to others.

    • I also think that every culture has something unique but think that all cultures are interconnected too.
      Do not know if you can tell someone’s culture, like that you have to live in a cul area for a long time to learn how it works. I used to think yak know anything about other countries when I traveled through the world but now I think this is not enough.
      Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment.

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    • Mooring ring looks completely different when I take pictures of him in black and white technique than how it looks in reality. These are two totally difference impression. And it looks like a sculpture when photographed in black and white technique.

      Previously I did not like black and white photography, in the case of photographing nature. For me, photography is primarily a document och it I want to present to to others what I see and the nature is full of colors and shades of colors. By learning how to take pictures seem to have crossed in the second phase and are starting to see nuances of black.

      Many thanks for your comment Janet 🙂

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