While sitting on the loggia, appears  like it was summer. It’s so warm on the balcony (balcony is with a glass). Even though they winter shoes and jackets packed until next winter, sometimes seems to me that I did it too early. Morning is still between minus 3-7 degrees, but at night the temperature rises to plus 6 degrees.  Cold temperatures bring some not-so-pleasant painful side effects for my  joints and muscles. Anyway, I try to walk.

Karlstad situated at one of Europe’s largest lakes Vänern, but in the city itself find some small lakes and clear river makes the summer we know os almost like in Venice. So, we took a short walk and saw that ice starts to leave.

But the snow and ice is everywhere in the shade:

I saw the first butterflies. Photo is not so good because I do not have a macro lens, but I can not resist to show how beautiful he is:


Is still cold but definitely plenty of sunshine


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