Skutberget is a recreation area west of Karlstad. It offers swimming, camping, trails, lighted trails, fitness center, sauna and cafeteria. We often visit Skutberget to take long leisurely walks in winter. There are barbecues with wood to grill in the middle of winter too. A sunny day many take thermos with coffee, sandwiches, cakes and sitting, sun and just enjoy.

When I came to Sweden, I did not understand why the people, in the middle of winter, sitting everywhere and “looking” in the sun. After a couple of decades myself seat as soon as the sun comes out 🙂  We have so little sun in the winter.

Earlier, when I was traveling a lot, I thought that as tourists arrive some knowledge about the country that him have visited. Today, when I live in Sweden, I realize that being a tourist and would live in a country is not the same. As tourists do not know anything about the real life of the country you’ve visited.

There were many of people on Skutberget yesterday. The wide open spaces attracts walking on ice. In some places in the ice began to create cracks. For a couple of days would not be safe to move away from the coast.


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