En passant

Trying be more active on this side. Side I opened primarily to share what I see through the lens of my camera and what I noted a camera, however, is not photographed every day.

Much time spent on monitoring sites with photos, in learning about the shooting, monitoring blogs for which I´m  interested.

My interests are so broad aspect that 24 hours is not enough for daily life: travel (now only with the help of the internet), reading books, etc., etc. Perhaps it is time to pause and focus on just one thing? Probably the same thing happens to many older persons? In fact, by living we have gained many experiences and the time period of life that is behind us is longer than the one before us, so we can from this perspective seems to have enough time for all of our interests and new vistas.

As usual I started the day with coffee and scrolling to the daily news. The snow does not stop the day before yesterday, but it is warmer and this morning everything minus 2 degrees.

I embarrasses to photograph strangers but i still do it at once. Of course, I thought that they did not realize that it (a quick), take pictures. But it was not so 🙂 Everything went well and we exchanged a few common words afterward. Of course I can ask you to leave if the person photographing it but in this case, each is lost spontaneity. 

P.S. I laugh at myself how I wrote in English … must correct text … maybe … now I’m not a perfectionist as before 🙂


Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I would be very glad to hear your opinion about my photos.

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