A Look Up

U nedostatku svetlosti potrebno je da svakodnevno ucinimo bar jednu kratku setnju. Tako sam uradila i juce i gle, iako se cini da su se sve ptice odselile na jug, po neke su ostale da sa ljudima podele ovo sivilo i mrak.
Posto mi je u ovakvim vremenskim uslovima cesto nezgodno da nosim Sony kameru za ove fotografije je posluzio moj stari Canon Power Shot.

When there is enough daylight it`s necessary att make at least one daily short promenade. So I did, and yesterday, and behold, though it seems to have all the birds migrated to the south. Some birds has stay with people to division this drab and dark. Since I was in such weather often inconvenient to carry a Sony camera for these photos have served my old Canon Power Shot.



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