It is very cold

Trying to figure out how they work The Daily Post and Weekly Photo Challenge. I tried to find some information and I’m not sure I succeeded. Moreover I still experimenting with the look of my blog.
Since there is very cold (yesterday it was around minus 13 and today it is around minus 17 degrees) I’m not sure how much time I spend outdoors with camera. Yesterday we went to Lake Vänern and during the time when I pictured a few moments my hands were frozen. Nothing wrong with the camera  🙂

On the way to the lake in the distance I saw a strange sight: A lake evaporates. In fact, for several days the temperature suddenly dropped so surrounds the lake began to freeze.

I tried to record the camera at the scene but did not succeed in the bass. I could not find better place for photographing. The day was mostly sunny and very strange cold blue light.

Lake evaporates

Lake evaporates

Formation of ice on the coast

Formation of ice on the coast

Formation of ice on the coast

Formation of ice on the coast


6 thoughts on “It is very cold

    • Yes, it’s very cold. However, this is only the beginning of winter when it is very cold and very dark. Specifically since October we have only a few hours of light, while in the north in general is not rising. The city where I live in the middle of Sweden and in the north is over minus 32 degrees. At such temperatures it is difficult to hold a camera in his hands and no gloves can not take photos because the camera itself is cold.
      Thank you for your comment.

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