A little bit about my interest in photography

Photography takes us into the world outside of our world. I am curious what and how others see through the lens of my camera, I’m curious to know the other regions and people. Photo leads us to where Perhaps we will never arrive. Through photography I meet many people who will never meet but I have a feeling that know them because camera records every detail through which we can guess that part of one’s soul.

Consider myself an amateur in photography and try to learn even more. The nature and everything around us is full of colors and shadows that black and white photography can not portray. OK in the black and white photographs we can see shadows but, since I find and photograph one document type and black-and-white world is not what is around us, I mostly photographed in color. Some of my recent experiments:





...arrive soon ...

…arrive soon …

color, light and shadows ... and one glass

color, light and shadows … and one glass

Wandering blogs who deal with photography came across one of the many interesting:


11 thoughts on “A little bit about my interest in photography

  1. Personally I’m not into bw-photography, allthough I recognize that it might give excellent results in certain situations. But I thought the colors in your glass were beautiful.

    • Seenorway, I sometimes experimenting with bw photograph.
      I’m just an amateur, and do not have any special equipment for the camera. I filled a glass with water, addons some color and activated light that I have. After that, I experimented a bit in Lightroom. The colors are powerful, but now it’s an interesting photo.
      I apologize for my bad English (do not know what language should I use so that more people understand)
      Thanks for your comment.

      • Oh, I’ll probably understand what you’re saying anyway, (swedish, danish, norwegian, german, english) but of course you’re right: You want to use a language that may be understood by as many as possible. And even if we by no way are perfect in languages that are not our native languages, we will be understood.

        And I enjoyed your interpretation of the glass!

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  3. martin says:

    första bilden är fantastisk i all sin enkelhet, gillar att du inte har lagt den helt centrerat utan lite förskjuten. 🙂

    • Tack så mycket Martin 🙂
      Jag lär mig fortfarande att fotografera. Förut trodde jag att motivet ska vara centrerad.
      Det är långtråkig med mörka dagar och det är kalt ute…jag tittade på lampan och tänkte: varför skulle jag inte ta en bild på och se hur lampan syns på foto? Vanligen fotograferar jag i färg men jag själv tycker om bilden 🙂
      Ha en bra dag 🙂

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